July 28th: Noisemaker debuts in San Mateo! / by Hannah Westbrook

Noisemaker is on the road to San Mateo!

We are thrilled to be invited to participate in the 2018 iteration of Peninsula Ballet Theatre's Dance Makers showcase, and are thrilled to share this work with a new audience!

Saturday, July 28th @ 7pm
Tickets available here

This show was conceived to celebrate the vibrancy of dance on the Peninsula and greater Bay Area at an eclectic showcase of choreography, hosted by Peninsula Ballet Theatre.

Featured choreographers include:
- Gregory Amato
- Kristine Chambers
- Kim Dodge
- Erin Parsley
- The Phenomenal Anomalies (Becky Robinson-Leviton & Hannah Westbrook)

PBT's Studio One Theatre
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 S. Grant St., San Mateo, CA 94402

Photo: Mark Semegen

Photo: Mark Semegen