October 27th: New Work at Animate Dance Festival by Becky Robinson-Leviton

Hannah and Becky have been invited to create and perform a new work at Animate Dance Festival in Alameda Point. This FREE festival runs from 11am-5pm on Oct. 27th and has an amazing lineup of performers:

Lizz Roman and Dancers (Becky is performing with them as well!)

Little Seismic Dance Company

Megan Lowe and Shira Yaziv

Chelsea Boyd Brown and Molly Rose-Williams 


Aviva Rose Williams

Salsamania Dance Company

Get more info and RSVP HERE!

July 28th: Noisemaker debuts in San Mateo! by Hannah Westbrook

Noisemaker is on the road to San Mateo!

We are thrilled to be invited to participate in the 2018 iteration of Peninsula Ballet Theatre's Dance Makers showcase, and are thrilled to share this work with a new audience!

Saturday, July 28th @ 7pm
Tickets available here

This show was conceived to celebrate the vibrancy of dance on the Peninsula and greater Bay Area at an eclectic showcase of choreography, hosted by Peninsula Ballet Theatre.

Featured choreographers include:
- Gregory Amato
- Kristine Chambers
- Kim Dodge
- Erin Parsley
- The Phenomenal Anomalies (Becky Robinson-Leviton & Hannah Westbrook)

PBT's Studio One Theatre
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 S. Grant St., San Mateo, CA 94402

Photo: Mark Semegen

Photo: Mark Semegen

What's Next? Another company's phenomenal show! by Hannah Westbrook

We have a few things planned for later in the summer.... (announcements coming soon)... but first!

Catch Becky & Hannah performing in the work of another phenomenal company, Tim Rubel Human Shakes!

Alien premieres June 14-16 at CounterPulse, SF. 

Tickets and more information is available here

A little about the show...
Alien depicts members of a fictional human race who have come to a new land seeking refuge from their home country, which is in turmoil. Upon their arrival, they discover how their presence is feared and questioned by many of their new country's inhabitants. They also learn how other marginalized communities are viewed by their cultural majorities.

Noisemaker Returns by Hannah Westbrook


Noisemaker will return to PianoFight from May 3-5th, 2018 as a part of Jena McRae's We The Humans. We're thrilled to be invited!

May 3-5, 2018
Ticket info is available here.

A little about the show...

We the Humans of everywhere and all over, in Order to form a more open community, establish Justice, insure inclusion, provide for the common defense against facism, racism and sexism (because F THAT NOISE), cultivate not-taking yourself-so-seriously and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do hereby present this collaboration of artists in an evening of dance, storytelling and song for the sake of our sanity and possibly even yours.

Featuring performances by:

Jena McRae

Lauren Gould

Nick Brentley


Be Movement Collective

Jeanne Pfeffer

Catherine Liu

Emma Rose Shelton

The Phenomenal Anomalies

And more!

Passerby : Coming up March 24 & 31, 2018! by Hannah Westbrook

This site-specific piece, constructed by Becky Robinson-Leviton and Hannah Westbrook, was inspired by the beautiful site of the Lincoln Park Steps and the multitudes of people who use them each day. From tourists, to instagram queens, to joggers, animal-walkers, and people of all ages, races & genders, these steps provide a rich peek into the constant flow of life out here in one of the beloved nooks of SF.

Live accompaniment by The Hurdy Gurdy Men (who we serendipitously met on the stairs during rehearsal)  

Show Times:

March 24th @ 2pm & 4pm
March 31st @ 2pm & 4pm


RSVP here

Photo: Henrik Meng (who we also serendipitiously met on the stairs during a different rehearsal)