About the Artists

Photo: Andy Mogg

Becky Robinson-Leviton
(founder & co-artistic director)

Becky Robinson-Leviton has been obsessed with movement since she the age of 2, when her mother had to enroll her in gymnastics because she kept trying to do flips off of the end of the couch “like a Power Ranger”. By the time she found dance at the age of 4, Becky was smitten, and since then it has been a 20+ year love affair that has challenged and expanded every muscle and emotional state in her being. Also in line with her movement obsession, Becky has studied rock climbing, yoga, acro yoga, physical theater, and aerial dance. Graduating with a BA in Dance from CSULB, Becky freelances with many different dance and theater companies around the SF Bay Area. Currently, she performs with Tim Rubel Human Shakes, Catherine Liu & Artists, and has been nominated for an Izzie Award for her group performance in “Sunset Dances” by Lizz Roman.



Photo: Andy Mogg

Hannah Westbrook
(co-artistic director)

Hannah is a dance artist based in Oakland, CA. She began her modern dance training at Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California, and followed that dream to UC Berkeley and the Bay Area, where she earned BA degrees in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies. While at UC Berkeley, Hannah was honored with the Departmental Citation for outstanding undergraduate accomplishment in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies, and the Rosalind Schneider Eisner Prize for excellence in Dance.

In addition to her work with The Phenomenal Anomalies, Hannah is a company dancer with Tim Rubel Human Shakes. Hannah has also been privileged to dance in works by Stephan Koplowitz, Catherine Liu, Michael D. Lee, Katie Faulkner, Lisa Wymore, Sue Roginski, Julie Freeman, Unfinished People, and others.